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  • Tourism and Gentrification in Contemporary Metropolises

    Tourism and Gentrification in Contemporary Metropolises
    Maria Gravari-Barbas, Sandra Guinand

    This book aims to be the first substantive text on this subject, explaining the multiple and complex relationships between tourism and gentrification and their outcomes and manifestations in contemporary metropolises.

  • Platform Ecosystems

    Platform Ecosystems
    Amrit Tiwana

    Read this book to learn how to: Evolve software products and services into vibrant platform ecosystems Orchestrate platform architecture and governance to sustain competitive advantage Govern platform evolution using a powerful 3 …

  • Media Law Ethics and Policy in the Digital Age

    Media Law, Ethics, and Policy in the Digital Age
    Mhiripiri, Nhamo A., Chari, Tendai

    The growing presence of digital technologies has caused significant changes in the protection of digital rights. With the ubiquity of these modern technologies, there is an increasing need for advanced media and rights protection.

  • MoneyBall Medicine

    MoneyBall Medicine
    Harry Glorikian, Malorye Allison Branca

    MoneyBall Medicine: Thriving in the New Data-Driven Healthcare Market, which includes interviews with dozens of healthcare leaders, describes the business challenges and opportunities arising for those working in one of the most vibrant …

  • The Internet and Democratic Citizenship

    The Internet and Democratic Citizenship
    Stephen Coleman, Jay G. Blumler

    This book examines how the Internet can improve public communications and enrich democracy.

  • Sustainability in Fashion

    Sustainability in Fashion
    Claudia E. Henninger, Panayiota J. Alevizou, Helen Goworek, Daniella Ryding

    This book provides a critical insight into sustainability and fashion in a retailing and marketing context.

  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services

    Digital Transformation in Financial Services
    Claudio Scardovi

    This book analyzes the set of forces driving the global financial system toward a period of radical transformation and explores the transformational challenges that lie ahead for global and regional or local banks and other financial …

  • Before Copyright

    Before Copyright
    Elizabeth Armstrong

    Details the development of the privilege system, a precursor to copyright, in early sixteenth-century French publishing.

  • Food Chemical Safety Additives

    Food Chemical Safety: Additives
    David H. Watson

    This book provides an authoritative survey of current developments in regulation, research, and best practices in the management of chemicals in food.

  • Events Management

    Events Management
    Nicole Ferdinand, Paul J. Kitchin

    Written by a high profile international team of editors and contributors, the text features cases spanning Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and North America, and covers key topics and issues such as fundraising, sponsorship, globalization …

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