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  • The Nature and Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities

    The Nature and Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities
    Giovanni Dosi, Richard Nelson, Sidney Winter

    In this book, the editors and a team of distinguished international contributors analyse the nature of organizational capabilities–how organizations do things, use their knowledge base, and diffuse that knowledge in a competitive …

  • Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary

    Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary?
    Graeme Snooks

    Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary? takes an innovative look at this much studied subject. The contributors ask new questions, explore new issues and use new data in order to stimulate interest and elicit new responses.

  • Global Price Fixing

    Global Price Fixing
    John M. Connor

    Two following chapters provide background on the economics theory and legal principles relevant to understanding cartels. Nine following chapters comprise the economic core of this book.

  • การจัดการเรียนรู้ที่บูรณาการการอ่านและการคิด
    สุกัญญา ศรีสืบสาย

    หนังสือคู่มือครูอาจารย์ที่แนะแนววิธีการสอนผู้เรียน ให้รู้จักการคิดอย่างเป็นระบบ …

  • Creativity Innovation and the Cultural Economy

    Creativity, Innovation and the Cultural Economy
    Andy C. Pratt, Paul Jeffcutt

    This collection brings together international experts from different continents to examine creativity and innovation in the cultural economy.

  • The Work of Management

    The Work of Management
    Jim Lancaster


    Gabriele Arcidiacono, Claudio Calabrese, Stefano Rossi

    Questo Minibook, per Green Belt, vuole essere una guida sintetica, con nozioni teoriche e spunti pratici, facilmente consultabile durante la gestione dei progetti Six Sigma.

  • Understanding Competitive Advantage

    Understanding Competitive Advantage
    Fredrik Nilsson, Birger Rapp

    This book is about competitive advantage and how it is created at the company level.

  • World Class Applications of Six Sigma

    World Class Applications of Six Sigma
    Jiju Antony, Ashok Kumar, Ricardo Bañuelas

    Many corporations have reported large financial benefits from integrating Six Sigma into their businesses but how did they really arrive at these substantial savings? This book shows you how Six Sigma can generate these savings.

  • Inside China s Automobile Factories

    Inside China’s Automobile Factories
    Lu Zhang

    Combining original empirical data and sophisticated analysis that moves from the shop floor to national political economy and global industry dynamics, the book develops a multilayered framework for understanding how labor relations in the …

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