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    Информационные технологии управления: Учебник для вузов. 2-е изд. (+СD). Стандарт третьего поколения
    Саак Андрей Эрнестович, Пахомов Евгений Вячеславович, Тюшняков Виталий Николаевич

    В учебнике рассматриваются основные направления информатизации государственного и муниципального управления. Обосновывается …

  • East Asia in Transition

    East Asia in Transition
    Wendy Dobson, A. E. Safarian

    Focuses on key business issues facing East Asia that corporations and governments should understand, including regionalization initiatives, obstacles to continued rapid growth in China, aging and pension reform, and the changing security …

  • You Don t Always Get what You Pay for

    You Don’t Always Get what You Pay for
    Elliott D. Sclar

    In You Don't Always Get What You Pay For, Elliott D. Sclar offers a balanced look at the pitfalls and promises of public sector privatization in the United States.

  • Understanding E Government

    Understanding E-Government
    Vincent Homburg

    This is a timely addition to our understanding of what is meant by e-government. It gets behind the political rhetoric.

  • The Mortgage Wars Inside Fannie Mae Big Money Politics and the Collapse of the American Dream

    The Mortgage Wars: Inside Fannie Mae, Big-Money Politics, and the Collapse of the American Dream
    Timothy Howard

    The former Fannie Mae CFO's inside look at the war between the financial giants and government regulators A provocative true-life thriller about the all-out fight for dominance of the mortgage industry—and how it nearly destroyed the …

  • The Modern Mercenary

    The Modern Mercenary
    Associate Professor National Defense University Sean McFate

    INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. It was 2004, and Sean McFate had a mission in Burundi: to keep the president alive and prevent the country from spiraling into genocide without anyone knowing that the United States was involved.

  • Soldi rubati

    Soldi rubati
    Nunzia Penelope

    In questo libro – un'inchiesta senza precedenti che associa un'enorme documentazione di prima mano e un grande mestiere di divulgatrice – Nunzia Penelope raccoglie e classifica per la prima volta tutte le forme d'illegalità economica, …

  • Strategic Public Private Partnerships

    Strategic Public Private Partnerships
    David Maurrasse

    This timely book addresses contemporary and future dynamics of collaboration combining public, private, and nongovernmental resources at a time when global concerns Ð ranging from economic insecurity to environmental threats to chronic …

  • Ethics in Public Policy and Management

    Ethics in Public Policy and Management
    Alan Lawton, Zeger van der Wal, Leo Huberts

    This volume will prove thought-provoking for educators, administrators, policy makers and researchers across the fields of public management, public administration and ethics.

  • Handbook of Human Resources Management in Government

    Handbook of Human Resources Management in Government
    Stephen E. Condrey

    In this thoroughly updated edition of a classic reference, Stephen E. Condrey brings together leading experts in public administration and HR management to detail how you can: Move beyond your often limited problem-solving role as an HR …

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