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  • Trusted Partners

    Trusted Partners
    Jordan D. Lewis

    At a time when alliances have become a preferred competitive strategy for most companies, and with most alliances ending as failures, management at all levels cannot afford to ignore this powerful book.

  • Advances in Business and Management Forecasting Volume 7

    Advances in Business and Management Forecasting, Volume 7
    Kenneth D. Lawrence, Ronald K. Klimberg

    "Advances in Business and Management Forecasting" is a blind refereed serial publication published on an annual basis.

  • The Great Stagnation

    The Great Stagnation
    Tyler Cowen

    America is in disarray and our economy is failing us.

  • The Little Data Book 2010

    The Little Data, Book 2010
    World Bank

    It is intended as a quick reference for users of World Development Indicators and the Atlas of Global Development.

  • The Innovator s Manifesto

    The Innovator’s Manifesto
    Michael Raynor

    In this compelling new book, Michael E. Raynor, coauthor of the national bestseller The Innovator’s Solution, shows that Disruption, Clayton M. Christensen’s landmark theory that explains how fringe ideas come to redefine entire markets …

  • Program Planning

    Program Planning
    Mitchell L. Springer

    The program planning process is made up of four key elements: program organization planning, schedule planning, cost planning, and performance planning.

  • Buying Your Own Business

    Buying Your Own Business
    Russell Robb

    Buying your own business is the shortest route to realizing that dream-and often financially safer than starting from scratch. Buying Your Own Business, 2nd Edition is the essential reference to reaching your goal.

  • Strategy Safari

    Strategy Safari
    Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, Joseph Lampel

    Based on comprehensive research into strategic planning literature and its military antecedents, the successor to The Rise and Fall of Strategic Planning offers a penetrating analysis of the ten dominant schools of strategic thought.

  •  D nde estamos

    ¿Dónde estamos?
    José María Gay de Liébana

    España está ahora en una pista de aterrizaje.

  • Profiting From Uncertainty

    Profiting From Uncertainty
    Paul Schoemaker

    Profiting from Uncertainty provides a road map to do just that. This book was first published in 2002, well ahead of the mega turmoil that befell the world in 2008 and beyond.

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