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  • East Commerce

    Marco Gervasi

    Attraverso le storie di imprenditori, CEO e persone comuni, East-Commerce racconta come un nuovo sistema che unisce piattaforme di vendita online, applicazioni per la mobilità, prodotti finanziari e sistemi di pagamento avanzatissimi abbia …

  • Economic Statecraft During the Cold War

    Economic Statecraft During the Cold War
    Frank Cain

    Discussing a rarely researched aspect of the Cold War, this volume uses new material to examine how the United States trade embargo on the Soviet Union and communist China severed relationships with Europe, particularly focusing on Great …

  • Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea

    Managing Potential Conflicts in the South China Sea
    Yann-huei Song

    Prepared by the East Asian Institute, NUS, which promotes research on East Asian developments particularly the political, economic and social development of contemporary China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), this series of research …

  • Letters of Credit In International Trade

    Letters of Credit In International Trade
    Goh Kheng Chuan

    The aim of this book is to provide a practical guide for businessmen, students of banking and those concerned with letters of credit transactions and financing in international trade.

  • Over the Line

    Over the Line
    Chuck Downs

    This book explores the role of espionage and infiltration and provides an alarming prediction of the future course of North Korea's relations with the United States and it allies.

  • The Coffee Book

    The Coffee Book
    Nina Luttinger, Gregory Dicum

    Finally, The Coffee Book, hailed as a Best Business Book by Library Journal when it was first published, considers the exploitation of labor and damage to the environment that mass cultivation causes, and explores the growing “conscious …

  • Administered Protection in America Routledge Revivals

    Administered Protection in America (Routledge Revivals)
    Alan Rugman, Andrew D. M. Anderson

    Rugman and Anderson argue that this is counterproductive for the United States and extremely harmful for America’s trading partners in Europe, Canada and the Far East.

  • Import Export Kit For Dummies

    Import / Export Kit For Dummies
    John J. Capela

    This practical guide covers the ins and outs of developing or expanding your global operations, showing you how to identify target markets, find customers, follow the rules and regulations, and much more.

  • The Economy of Ireland

    The Economy of Ireland
    John W. O’Hagan, Carol Newman

    In this new edition, the authors examine: The broad historical context to a study of the Irish economy. Ireland’s hard landing, recovery and prospects for economic growth and employment in the years ahead.

  • HM Revenue Customs

    HM Revenue & Customs
    Great Britain. National Audit Office

    The additional revenue from this compliance work is reducing while the level of errors detected is rising, particularly among new traders.

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