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  • Fundamentals of Economics

    Fundamentals of Economics
    William Boyes, Michael Melvin

    The Sixth Edition has been thoroughly updated to reflect the current economic condition in the United States and the world and reflects recent events in the Obama administration, especially in regard to healthcare.

  • Survey of Economics

    Survey of Economics
    Irvin Tucker

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  • Prices Reproduction Scarcity

    Prices, Reproduction, Scarcity
    Christian Bidard

    The 2004 English edition of a 1991 French text revives the accents of classical theory to look at the theory of long-run competitive prices.

  • Japan s Capitalism

    Japan’s Capitalism
    Shigeto Tsuru

    An authoritative account of Japan's economic resconstruction after World War II.

  • The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of the Biopharmaceutical Industry

    The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of the Biopharmaceutical Industry
    Patricia M. Danzon, Sean Nicholson

    This timely volume examines the economics of the biopharmaceutical industry, with eighteen chapters by leading academic health economists.

  • Inequality Polarization and Poverty

    Inequality, Polarization and Poverty
    Satya R. Chakravarty

    This book provides a synthesis of some recent issues and an up-to-date treatment of some of the major important issues in distributional analysis that I have covered in my previous book Ethical Social Index Numbers, which was widely …

  • New Foundations of Cost benefit Analysis

    New Foundations of Cost-benefit Analysis
    Matthew D. Adler, Eric A. Posner

    In this book, the authors reconceptualize cost-benefit analysis, arguing that its objective should be overall well-being rather than economic efficiency.

  • Conceptual Anomalies in Economics and Statistics

    Conceptual Anomalies in Economics and Statistics
    Leland Gerson Neuberg

    This book explores anomalies in the conceptual basis of such experiments and in the foundations of statistics and economics more generally. Scientific inquiry always faces certain philosophical problems.

  • Russia in the Nineteenth Century

    Russia in the Nineteenth Century
    A. I. U. Polunov, Thomas C. Owen, L. G. Zakharova

  • Historia econà mica de la Argentina

    Historia económica de la Argentina
    Eduardo Míguez

    Este libro es un intento de reconstruir y explicar los procesos que mediaron entre aquella gran expectativa económica de comienzos del siglo XVI, los logros de la Argentina de comienzos del siglo XX y su crisis posterior.

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