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  • Democracy and Welfare Economics

    Democracy and Welfare Economics
    Hans van den Doel, Ben van Velthoven

    This book is a fully revised and updated version of Hans van den Doel's Democracy and Welfare Economics.

  • The First Industrial Revolution

    The First Industrial Revolution
    P. M. Deane

    This book identifies the strategic changes that affected Britain from 1750-1850.

  • Managing the Franc PoincarĂ

    Managing the Franc Poincaré
    Kenneth Mouré

    An explanation of France's deflationary policy during the Depression.

  • Global Capital Markets

    Global Capital Markets
    Maurice Obstfeld, Alan M. Taylor

    After a century in which markets closed and then reopened, this book brings together what we have learned about the dynamics of the international macroeconomic order."–Jacket.

  • The Economics of Keynes

    The Economics of Keynes
    Mark Hayes

    In this guide to general theory, Mark Hayes presents Keynes's illustrious work as a sophisticated Marshallian theory fo the competitive equillibrium of the economy as a whole.

  • Macroeconomic Performance in a Globalising Economy

    Macroeconomic Performance in a Globalising Economy
    Robert Anderton, Geoff Kenny

    This book shows how the international economy has become more connected via increased production, trade, capital flows and financial linkages.

  • Capital

    Karl Marx

    This is the only abridged edition to take account of the whole of Capital.

  • Industrial Restructuring with Job Security

    Industrial Restructuring with Job Security
    Susan N. Houseman

    In what ways does empirical economics contribute to our understanding of important social issues?

  • New Foundations of Cost benefit Analysis

    New Foundations of Cost-benefit Analysis
    Matthew D. Adler, Eric A. Posner

    In this book, the authors reconceptualize cost-benefit analysis, arguing that its objective should be overall well-being rather than economic efficiency.

  • Constitutional Money

    Constitutional Money
    Richard H. Timberlake

    This book reviews nine Supreme Court cases and decisions that dealt with monetary laws and gives a summary history of monetary events and policies as they were affected by the Court's decisions.

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