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  • Schooling for Life

    Schooling for Life
    Dale Edwin Shuttleworth

    It is my belief that the impending challenge to our civilization will not be how to cope with the future shock of a rapidly developing technology of material abundance but, rather, how to live with less.

  • Citadel Values II

    Citadel Values II
    Robert Freer

    BODYGUARD UNDER COVER Texas Ranger Alex Markham lands an unusual assignment—protecting an ambassador's daughter on the African savanna.

  • Senseless Panic

    Senseless Panic
    William M. Isaac

    Praise for Senseless Panic What we can do to prevent future meltdowns "Washington had better read this book. Bill Isaac is absolutely on target in his acute analysis of what he rightly calls the 'Senseless Panic of 2008.

  • Understanding Entrepreneurial Family Businesses in Uncertain Environments

    Understanding Entrepreneurial Family Businesses in Uncertain Environments
    Mattias Nordqvist, Giuseppe Marzano, Esteban R. Brenes, Gonzalo Jiménez, Maria Fonseca-Paredes

    This thorough volume describes and analyzes entrepreneurial family businesses in Latin American countries.

  • The Oxford Handbook of Economics and Human Biology

    The Oxford Handbook of Economics and Human Biology
    Dr. John Komlos, Dr. Inas Kelly

    The Oxford Handbook of Economics and Human Biology provides an extensive and insightful overview of how economic conditions affect human well-being and how human health influences economic outcomes.

  • America

    Ed Chambers

    This is a must-read book for anyone concerned about America's future. Ed Chambers is the founding pastor of Fox Valley Family Church in St. Charles, Illinois.

  • Deficit

    Marie Bussing-Burks

    This new, second edition of Deficits: Why Should I Care? updates all the statistics, charts, and forecasts, while adding a new chapter on how global economies now, for better or worse, affect the U.S. debt and the annual budget deficit.

  • Japan on the Upswing

    Japan on the Upswing
    Yoshiyuki Iwamoto

    This is a story of Japanese business and finance since 1986.

  • A More Imperfect Union

    A More Imperfect Union
    James L. Jennings

    This book is perfect as a text in college courses, supplementary reading for scholars, or people wanting to dip their toes into a topic that has thus far not gotten much attention.

  • Banks at Risk

    Banks at Risk
    Peter Hoflich

    This collection of contributions provides a thoughtful tour of the lessons from the crisis with perspectives from regulators, practitioners, and risk managers.

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