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  • The Looting of America

    The Looting of America
    Les Leopold

    And what can we do to get our money back? In this page-turning narrative (no background in finance required) Leopold tells the story of how we fell victim to Wall Street's exotic financial products.

  • A nation in waiting Indonesia s search for stability

    A nation in waiting: Indonesia’s search for stability
    Adam Schwarz

    In A Nation in Waiting, Adam Schwarz spans a wide variety of issues of concern in today’s Indonesia, providing a detailed view of one of the world’s most populous, yet least-understood, nations.

  • Egypt

    Fouad N. Ibrahim, Barbara Ibrahim

    Egypt is almost the size of Britain, France, and Germany combined, yet its nearly 70 million people are forced by geography to live in an area no bigger than Belgium.

  • Rebound

    Stephen J. Rose

    The book argues forcefully that simple financial regulation and forthcoming investments in education, health care and energy will pay quick and healthy dividends.

  • Tourism Strategies and Local Responses in Southern Africa

    Tourism Strategies and Local Responses in Southern Africa
    Petri Hottola

    Using case studies from these areas, this book examines the strategic objectives for tourism growth and how nationally-set objectives such as economic growth, increased employment, poverty reduction, black economic empowerment, …

  • China s Domestic Private Firms

    China’s Domestic Private Firms
    Anne S. Tsui, Yanjie Bian, Leonard Kwok-Hon Cheng

    Provides a comprehensive and multidisciplinary perspective on the factors important to the successful operation and growth of China's domestic private firms.

  • The Coming Generational Storm

    The Coming Generational Storm
    Laurence J. Kotlikoff, Scott Burns

    Guides the reader through America's generational imbalance and proposes policies to avoid the demographic overload and fiscal crisis that America will be faced with in the future as a result of this imbalance.

  • Regulating Development

    Regulating Development
    Edmund Amann

    This book will be invaluable reading for academics, researchers and students with an interest in economics and development studies, as well as for regulators and policymakers in developing countries.

  • The Quality of Life in Latin American Cities

    The Quality of Life in Latin American Cities
    Eduardo Lora, Andrew Powell, Bernard M.S. van Praag, Pablo Sanguinetti

    This book assesses a method that takes advantage of both types of information and offers criteria to identify and rank the issues of potential importance for urban dwellers.

  • The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization

    The Changing Economic Geography of Globalization
    Giovanna Vertova

    This impressive volume, which contains a selection of the best in contemporary scholarship, will be of interest to the international arena of academicians, policy makers and professionals in these or related fields.

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