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  • Conceptual Anomalies in Economics and Statistics

    Conceptual Anomalies in Economics and Statistics
    Leland Gerson Neuberg

    This book explores anomalies in the conceptual basis of such experiments and in the foundations of statistics and economics more generally. Scientific inquiry always faces certain philosophical problems.

  • Empirical Market Microstructure

    Empirical Market Microstructure
    Joel Hasbrouck

    This book is about the institutions that have evolved to handle our trading needs, the economic forces that guide our strategies, and statistical methods of using and interpreting the vast amount of information that these markets produce.

  • Economic Complexity Chaos Sunspots Bubbles and Nonlinearity

    Economic Complexity: Chaos, Sunspots, Bubbles, and Nonlinearity
    William A. Barnett, Karl Shell

    The essays present fundamental new research on the analysis of complicated outcomes in relatively simple macroeconomic models. The book covers econometric modelling and time series analysis techniques in five parts.

  • An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance

    An Elementary Introduction to Mathematical Finance
    Sheldon M. Ross

    Contains a new chapter on optimization methods in finance, a new section on Value at Risk and Conditional Value at Risk, plus much more.

  • Science Technology and National Socialism

    Science, Technology, and National Socialism
    Monika Renneberg, Mark Walker

    A comprehensive 1993 survey of the development of scientific disciplines and technical projects under National Socialism.

  • Econometric Methods with Applications in Business and Economics

    Econometric Methods with Applications in Business and Economics
    Christiaan Heij, Paul de Boer, Philip Hans Franses, Teun Kloek, Herman K. van Dijk, , All at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam

    Nowadays applied work in business and economics requires a solid understanding of econometric methods to support decision-making.

  • Modeling for All Scales

    Modeling for All Scales
    Howard T. Odum, Elisabeth C. Odum

    To further enhance the users ability to apply the lessons of this book, there is included a CD-ROM disc which provides the fundamental tools for modeling at all scales.

  • R for Business Analytics

    R for Business Analytics
    A Ohri

    The book utilizes Albert Einstein’s famous remarks on making things as simple as possible, but no simpler. This book will blow the last remaining doubts in your mind about using R in your business environment.

  • Probability Statistics and Econometrics

    Probability, Statistics and Econometrics
    Oliver Linton

    The book covers much of the groundwork for probability and inference before proceeding to core topics in econometrics.

  • Applied Econometrics

    Applied Econometrics
    Dimitrios Asteriou, Stephen G. Hall

    Applied Econometrics third edition includes: • Thorough updates of all material in the book • More finance applications • A brand new Chapter 20: Time Varying Coefficient Models: A new way of estimating bias free parameters This is an …

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