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  • Henri Theilâ s Contributions to Economics and Econometrics

    Henri Theil’s Contributions to Economics and Econometrics
    Henri Theil, B. Raj, J. Koerts

    These three volumes contain an account of Professor Henri Theil's distinguished career as a leader, advisor, administrator, teacher, and researcher in economics and econometrics.

  • The Economy As an Evolving Complex System III

    The Economy As an Evolving Complex System, III
    Lawrence E. Blume, Steven N. Durlauf

    Derived from the 2001 Santa Fe Institute Conference, "The Economy as an Evolving Complex System III" addresses a wide variety of issues in the fields of economics and complexity, accessing eclectic techniques from many disciplines, provided …

  • On Kolm s Theory of Macrojustice

    On Kolm’s Theory of Macrojustice
    Claude Gamel, Michel Lubrano

    This book is organised as a discussion around four complementary themes: philosophical aspects of macrojustice, economic analysis of macrojustice, combination of ELIE with other targeted tranfers, econometric evaluations of ELIE.

  • Closing the Gap in Education and Technology

    Closing the Gap in Education and Technology
    David M. De Ferranti

    'Closing the Gap in Education and Technology' advises Latin American and Caribbean governments to address the region's deficits in skills and technology, and thereby boost productivity, ultimately improving growth prospects.

  • Prices Reproduction Scarcity

    Prices, Reproduction, Scarcity
    Christian Bidard

    The 2004 English edition of a 1991 French text revives the accents of classical theory to look at the theory of long-run competitive prices.

  • Two Minds

    Two Minds
    Roger Frantz

    Intuition and Analysis in the History of Economic Thought Roger Frantz

  • Inequality Polarization and Poverty

    Inequality, Polarization and Poverty
    Satya R. Chakravarty

    This book provides a synthesis of some recent issues and an up-to-date treatment of some of the major important issues in distributional analysis that I have covered in my previous book Ethical Social Index Numbers, which was widely …

  • Equilibrium Theory and Applications

    Equilibrium Theory and Applications
    William A. Barnett

    The Sixth Annual International Symposium in Economic Theory and Econometrics was dedicated to Jacques Drèze on the occasion of his retirement.

  • Handbook of Monetary Economics Volume 3 Part 2

    Handbook of Monetary Economics, Volume 3, Part 2
    Benjamin M. Friedman, Michael Woodford

    The influences between economic performance and monetary policy regimes can be both grand and muted, and this volume clarifies the present state of this continually evolving relationship.

  • Microeconometrics of Banking

    Microeconometrics of Banking
    Hans Degryse, Moshe Kim, Steven Ongena

    This title provides a compendium to recent work in empirical banking.

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