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  • Managing Knowledge Security

    Managing Knowledge Security
    Kevin C Desouza

    The book stresses the importance of taking measures to retain key assets and to avoid data and knowledge falling into the hands of competitors. It also offers practical strategies based on the author's experience of working in the field.

  • Continuity Management

    Continuity Management
    Hamilton Beazley, Jeremiah Boenisch, David Harden

    This book is about that revolution-and how to lead it. ADVANCE PRAISE FOR CONTINUITY MANAGEMENT "The book you're holding can help you reverse the tide of 'corporate forgetting.

  • Lessons in Project Management

    Lessons in Project Management
    Jeff Mochal, Thomas Mochal

    This book is for the millions of people who manage projects, regardless of size. This book is quite helpful for managers in the middle of a project who may be experiencing problems.

  • Schaum s Outline of Operations Research

    Schaum’s Outline of Operations Research
    Richard Bronson, Govindasami Naadimuthu

    Confusing Textbooks?

  • Implementing Beyond Budgeting

    Implementing Beyond Budgeting
    Bjarte Bogsnes

    "A leading practitioner in the Beyond Budgeting movement." –Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, from their latest book, The Execution Premium "This is an excellent book for those who want to grapple with the difficult task of radically …

  • Simply Brilliant

    Simply Brilliant
    Fergus O’Connell

    Whether it’s a major project, a minor quibble or something in between, a short, sharp dose of Fergus O’Connell’s simply brilliant advice gives you the tools to tackle problems head-on and join the few who manage to make common sense …

  • Growth Champions

    Growth Champions
    The Growth Agenda

    What makes those companies so special? And what can you and your business learn from them? Growth Champions looks at 20 leading global organizations and identifies the key elements that drive their success.

  • Sprint

    Jake Knapp, John Zeratsky, Braden Kowitz

    What will your idea look like in real life? How many meetings and discussions does it take before you can be sure you have the right solution? Now there’s a surefire way to answer these important questions: the sprint.

  • Business Intelligence Success Factors

    Business Intelligence Success Factors
    Olivia Parr Rud

    This book explains the business landscape and the underlying reasons for our current volatility, offering clear guidance on navigating our information rich global economy." —Ron Powell, Editorial Director, Business Intelligence Network …

  • The Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice

    The Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice
    J. Richard Harrison

    This volume celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Garbage Can Model of Organizational Choice, its impact on our understanding of organizational decision making.

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