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  • Bad Times Great Markets

    Bad Times, Great Markets
    Robert M. Barnes

    Mr. Barnes has 35 years of experience on Wall Street as researcher and trader, with 12 books on quant trading by major publishers ( McGraw Hill, John Wiley, e.g.) The book is for investors in general, people near retirement, and retirees; …

  • An Introduction to Global Financial Markets

    An Introduction to Global Financial Markets
    Stephen Valdez, Philip Molyneux

    An Introduction to Global Financial Markets describes the financial world in clear, easy to understand terms.

  • Corporate Governance Failures

    Corporate Governance Failures
    James P. Hawley, Shyam J. Kamath, Andrew T. Williams

    This volume provides fresh perspectives on ways institutional investors can best act as gatekeepers and promote responsible investment.

  • Equity Value Enhancement

    Equity Value Enhancement
    Carl L. Sheeler

    ' In this book, Dr. Carl Sheeler demonstrates his many years of experience and high-level technical expertise reflecting strong quantitative grounding, precision of thought, and high-level insights into risk management and value creation.

  • The Subprime Virus

    The Subprime Virus
    Kathleen C. Engel, Patricia A. McCoy

    This is the first book to offer a comprehensive description of the government's failure to act and to analyze the financial reform legislation of 2010.

  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services

    Digital Transformation in Financial Services
    Claudio Scardovi

    This book analyzes the set of forces driving the global financial system toward a period of radical transformation and explores the transformational challenges that lie ahead for global and regional or local banks and other financial …

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance
    Christine Mallin

    Corporate governance is an area that has grown rapidly, fuelled by high profile corporate collapses such as Enron. This is a student-focused text which takes an international approach to the subject.

  • Venture Capital Investing

    Venture Capital Investing
    David Gladstone, Laura Gladstone

    Now, in his revision of the classic, Venture Capital Investing, he looks at venture capital through the eyes of the investor.

  • Market Liquidity

    Market Liquidity
    Thierry Foucault, Marco Pagano, Ailsa Röell

    Market Liquidity offers a more accurate and authoritative take on liquidity and price discovery.


    L.C. Arnulfo Sánchez Miranda


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