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    الاقتصاد المصري في ثلاثين عاما
    إبراهيم العيسوي

    و تغطي هذه الدراسة تطور الاقتصاد المصري في مجموعه و مسار عمليات التنمية في مصر في فترة قرن من الزمان مع التركيز بصفة خاصة علي فترة …

  • Equity Value Enhancement

    Equity Value Enhancement
    Carl L. Sheeler

    ' In this book, Dr. Carl Sheeler demonstrates his many years of experience and high-level technical expertise reflecting strong quantitative grounding, precision of thought, and high-level insights into risk management and value creation.

  • Digital Transformation in Financial Services

    Digital Transformation in Financial Services
    Claudio Scardovi

    This book analyzes the set of forces driving the global financial system toward a period of radical transformation and explores the transformational challenges that lie ahead for global and regional or local banks and other financial …

  • Corporate Governance

    Corporate Governance
    Christine Mallin

    Corporate governance is an area that has grown rapidly, fuelled by high profile corporate collapses such as Enron. This is a student-focused text which takes an international approach to the subject.

  • Venture Capital Investing

    Venture Capital Investing
    David Gladstone, Laura Gladstone

    An in-depth look at how investors can reduce unnecessary risk by assessing business proposals and building partnerships with portfolio companies.

  • La valutazione del profilo di rischio finanziario delle societ e l informativa obbligatoria sul rischio di liquidit e di credito

    La valutazione del profilo di rischio finanziario delle società e l’informativa obbligatoria sul rischio di liquidità e di credito
    Olga Cucaro

    LA VALUTAZIONE DEL PROFILO DI RISCHIO FINANZIARIO DELLE SOCIETÀ E L’INFORMATIVA OBBLIGATORIA SUL RISCHIO DI LIQUIDITÀ E DI CREDITO è un lavoro nato da uno studio accurato dell’evoluzione della normativa italiana ed europea in tema di …

  • Market Liquidity

    Market Liquidity
    Thierry Foucault, Marco Pagano, Ailsa Röell

    Market Liquidity offers a more accurate and authoritative take on liquidity and price discovery.


    L.C. Arnulfo Sánchez Miranda


  • Applied Cost benefit Analysis Second Edition

    Applied Cost-benefit Analysis, Second Edition
    Robert J. Brent

    This edition will cement the book s place as a major and accessible text in the field and will be of great interest to graduate and undergraduate students of welfare economics and microeconomic theory, as well as government economists …

  • Retail Credit Risk Management

    Retail Credit Risk Management
    M. Anolli, E. Beccalli, T. Giordani

    Introducing the fundamentals of retail credit risk management, this book provides a broad and applied investigation of the related modeling theory and methods, and explores the interconnections of risk management, by focusing on retail and …

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