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  • Routledge Revivals Economics for Beginners 1921

    Routledge Revivals: Economics for Beginners (1921)
    M.C. Buer

    First published in 1921, this book is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of economics to beginners, with only the more intricate and controversial subjects — such as economic rent — being omitted for the sake of clarity.

  • Showers Brothers Furniture Company

    Showers Brothers Furniture Company
    Carrol Krause

    In this detailed history of Showers Brothers, Carrol Krause tells the story of a remarkably successful collaboration between business, town, and gown.

  • Established

    Dark Angels

    This is a book with points to make through stories told; all reinforced by photographs, many of them historic.

  • Blades in the Sky

    Blades in the Sky
    T. Lindsay Baker

    From 1923 to 1942, Burdick photographed his men at work. Those photos, paired with Baker's text, shape Burdick's memories into a fascinating story.

  • Management Innovation

    Management Innovation
    William Lazonick, David J. Teece

    This book assesses the work, ideas, and influence of the doyen of business historians, Alfred Chandler, particularly on management innovation, strategy, organization, and finance.

  • I Factor Il gene dell imprenditore Realizzare un impresa lezioni per manager

    I – Factor Il gene dell’imprenditore. Realizzare un’impresa: lezioni per manager
    Franco Marzo

    Franco Marzo dirigente di imprese nazionali e multinazionali, oggi consulente di strategia e organizzazione, si occupa di imprese familiari e cultura di impresa.

  • Delirios populares extraordinarios y la locura de las masas

    Delirios populares extraordinarios y la locura de las masas
    Charles Mackay

    El libro describe tres momentos históricos de especulación desbordada en Inglaterra, Francia y Holanda, ocurridos entre 1635 y 1720 que guardan una extraordinaria similitud con sucesos actuales del mundo financiero.

  • Collaborative Advantage

    Collaborative Advantage
    Jeffrey H. Dyer

    In this book Dyer demonstrates the power of collaborative advantage, arguing that, in the future, competitive advantage will increasingly be created by teams of companies, rather than by the single firm.

  • The Silicon Valley Edge

    The Silicon Valley Edge
    Chong-Moon Lee

    John Young, retired CEO, Hewlett-Packard To emulate, one must first understand. This book is an essential guide for communities and individuals worldwide trying to understand and emulate this startling phenomenon known as Silicon Valley.

  • The Dinner Club

    The Dinner Club
    Shannon Henry

    The " diva" takes readers inside a group of businessmen who built the 1990s' boom and shows how they survived the rise and fall of the greatest economy ever. 16 photos.

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