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  • M Commerce Global Experiences and Perspectives

    M-Commerce: Global Experiences and Perspectives
    Dholakia, Nikhilesh

    "Based on research and practitioner-generated reports, this book focuses on the emergence and growth of mobile telecommunications and mobile commerce around the world"–Provided by publisher.

  • Stateless Commerce

    Stateless Commerce
    Barak D. Richman

    Barak Richman draws on insider interviews to show why relational exchange based on familiarity, trust, and community enforcement succeeds and what it reveals about the modern state’s limitations in governing the economy.

  • The Wisdom of Finance

    The Wisdom of Finance
    Mihir Desai

    Through this novel, creative approach, Desai shows that outsiders can access the underlying ideas easily and insiders can reacquaint themselves with the core humanity of their profession.

  • The Rise of Market Culture

    The Rise of Market Culture
    William M. Reddy

    Professor Reddy traces the transition from pre-capitalist to capitalist culture in the French textile industry from 1750 to 1900.

  • Unstoppable

    Dave Anderson

    His knowledge on what it takes to get to the next level is a must get for anyone wanting to become great. This is not just limited for athletes and coaches. I think anyone who wants to get ahead in life needs to give this book a read.

  • Information Security Cost Management

    Information Security Cost Management
    Ioana V. Bazavan, Ian Lim

    Organized into five sections, the book- Focuses on setting the right road map so that you can be most effective in your information security implementations Discusses cost-effective staffing, the single biggest expense to the security …

  • A Financial Tale of Two Cities

    A Financial Tale of Two Cities
    Jim Bain

    The story of this contest for commercial supremacy is based on Jim Bain's own long experience in the Australian financial-services industry, and particularly his exposure to the competition and fierce rivalry that existed between the …

  • Business Adventures

    Business Adventures
    John Brooks

    Five additional stories on equally fascinating subjects round out this wonderful collection that will both entertain and inform readers . . . Business Adventures is truly financial journalism at its liveliest and best.

  • IVA e regime fiscale in agricoltura

    IVA e regime fiscale in agricoltura
    Caterina Dell’Erba

    Le imposte nell’agricoltura: è davvero un groviglio di norme, di non facile lettura.

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