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  • Erfolgreich Unternehmen gr nden

    Erfolgreich Unternehmen gründen
    Felix Thönnessen

    Felix Thönnessen, der Gründungsfachmann und Coach hinter den Kulissen der Show, hat in diesem Buch alle Tipps und Anleitungen zusammengetragen, die für eine erfolgreiche Gründung wichtig sind: von der Ideenbildung über den Businessplan …

  • Retirement for Workaholics Life after Work in a Downsized Economy

    Retirement for Workaholics: Life after Work in a Downsized Economy
    Morley D. Glicken

    An expert in retirement issues, aging, and social work shows how workaholics who have been downsized, forced into retirement, or burned out on their current jobs can remain actively engaged in meaningful projects and maintain their …

  • You want to be an Online Freelancer Now What

    You want to be an Online Freelancer… Now What?
    Eeva Lancaster, The Book Khaleesi

    After reading this book, you will have a clear path to a career that will allow you to work from anywhere you want, stay close to your loved ones and work at your own pace. At best, you might even get to quit your day job. Get a copy.

  • Design rem vlastn ho  ivota

    Designérem vlastního života
    Bill Burnett, Dave Evans

  • Kreativ im Job

    Kreativ im Job
    Matthias Nöllke, Monika Schubach, Susanne Beermann

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  • Making Your Net Work

    Making Your Net Work
    Billy Dexter, Melissa G Wilson

  • Les  tapes cl s du recrutement

    Les étapes-clés du recrutement
    Caroline Cailteux,,

    Un guide pratique et accessible pour s’approprier les étapes-clés d’un bon recrutement !

  • Job U

    Job U
    Nicholas Wyman

    Whether you are recent high school or college graduate, or well along in your career journey, Job U will help you find your way to a more secure and prosperous future. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • How to Pass Data Interpretation Tests

    How to Pass Data Interpretation Tests
    Mike Bryon

    How to Pass Data Interpretation Tests provides over 300 practice data interpretation questions, with answers and detailed explanations to help you improve your score.

  • Toma decisiones y asúmelas

    Toma decisiones y asúmelas

    En tan solo 50 minutos podrás: • Descubrir los procesos complejos que sigue el cerebro para llegar a una decisión, en los que se mezcla la parte racional y la parte intuitiva • Averiguar qué acciones que pueden ayudarte a dilucidar …

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