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  • Work 101

    Work 101
    Elizabeth Freedman

    In this straight-talking guide, MBA Elizabeth Freedman—an expert in corporate etiquette—shares the rules of the workplace that only veterans know: survival secrets that will help you avoid the common mistakes that can sink careers at …

  • Handbook on CEO board

    Handbook on CEO-board
    George R. Boggs

    Inside this handbook, you will find practical advice on achieving successful CEO-board relations, including how to appoint and elect candidates and develop new recruits, strategies for communicating effectively and addressing compromised …

  • Modern Rules of Business Etiquette

    Modern Rules of Business Etiquette
    Donna Gerson, David Gerson

    A guide to professional etiquette counsels readers on how to forge successful, productive relationships with business associates, including such topics as handling conflicts, communicating effectively, and business entertaining.

  • Doing Business with India

    Doing Business with India

    Now in its second edition, this is the most comprehensive guide available to business and investment opportunities and to all aspects of commercial engagement in India.

  • Spirituality and Ethics in Management

    Spirituality and Ethics in Management
    László Zsolnai

    The signi? cance of “spirituality in management” is acquiring considerable international recognition. It is one of the “hottest” emerging ? elds in management. A number of recent events underscore this development.

  • Business Class

    Business Class
    Jacqueline Whitmore

    Anyone in business, at the bottom or at the top, could benefit from this book." —Letitia Baldrige, author of New Manners for New Times: A Complete Guide to Etiquette and former White House Social Secretary in the Kennedy Administration …

  • Business Etiquette and Professionalism

    Business Etiquette and Professionalism
    M. Kay DuPont

    This is a superb guide to the subtleties and complexities of business etiquette. This book shows how to maintain a professional and competitive edge by understanding basic business etiquette.

  • Produktionsmanagement

    Richard Vahrenkamp

    Die Kapitel zu Arbeitszeitmodellen, Organisation und Materialfluss in der Produktion sowie zur Organisation von Montagelinien wurden zu einem neuen Abschnitt "Taktisches Produktionsmanagement" zusammengefasst.

  • Global Business Etiquette

    Global Business Etiquette
    Jeanette S. Martin, Lillian H. Chaney

    This book provides the invaluable intercultural knowledge to help you make a deal, sell your product, or find a joint venture, no matter where your business takes you.

  • Sex at Work

    Sex at Work
    Mari Florence, Ed Fortson

    Mari Florence considers all the company policies, both good and bad, and helps make sense out of a confusing array of sexual mores and motives.

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