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  • Communicating Your Message to Those Too Busy to Listen

    Communicating Your Message to Those Too Busy to Listen
    John R. Obenchain Jr. M.B.A., John R. Obenchain, Jr.

    The book is divided into six separate sections that can be enjoyed individually, or combined. These are: 1. Language – how it both unites and divides us 2. Culture – overcoming and appreciating our differences 3.

  • Branding Your Business

    Branding Your Business
    James Hammond

    The only way forward for business success is to create a memorable brand and fix it in the consumer's mind. Branding Your Business explains the whole branding process in easy-to-follow terms.

  • How to Sell Yourself

    How to Sell Yourself
    Arch Lustberg

    The simple premise of this book is that every time you open your mouth, in order for communication to happen, you have to sell yourself. If you don't sell yourself, communication is nearly impossible.

  • Active Networks and Active Network Management

    Active Networks and Active Network Management
    Stephen F. Bush, Amit B. Kulkarni

    Therefore, this book was written in a way that enables all these groups to understand the impact of active networking in their sphere of interest.

  • Communicating Across Cultures

    Communicating Across Cultures
    Stella Ting-Toomey

    This thought-provoking text presents a new framework for understanding the impact of culture on communication and for helping students build intercultural communication competence.

  • I siti web e la comunicazione ai mercati finanziari

    I siti web e la comunicazione ai mercati finanziari
    Alberto Quagli, Claudio Teodori

  • Communication Technology

    Communication Technology
    Dana Royal Ulloth

    This collection of articles reviews some of the latest developments in telecommunications and electronic storage and processing devices, and provides a perspective on telecommunications capabilities currently available.

  • Faxed

    Jonathan Coopersmith

    Faxed is the first history of the facsimile machine—the most famous recent example of a tool made obsolete by relentless technological innovation.

  • European defence capabilities

    European defence capabilities
    Great Britain: Parliament: House of Lords: European Union Committee, Stationery Office (Great Britain)

    With 21 members of both the EU and NATO, what is good for the EU is good for NATO and Europe as a whole. This is an area where the UK and France should lead efforts to strengthen European defence capabilities. [Report summary]

  • Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology

    Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology
    Adam Joinson, Katelyn McKenna, Tom Postmes, Ulf-Dietrich Reips

    "The Oxford Handbook of Internet Psychology" brings together many of the leading researchers in what can be termed 'Internet Psychology'. Though a very new area of research, it is growing at a phenomenal pace.

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