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  • The XVA of Financial Derivatives CVA DVA and FVA Explained

    The XVA of Financial Derivatives: CVA, DVA and FVA Explained
    Dongsheng Lu

    This latest addition to the Financial Engineering Explained series focuses on the new standards for derivatives valuation, namely, pricing and risk management taking into account counterparty risk, and the XVA's Credit, Funding and Debt …

  • Making Microfinance Work

    Making Microfinance Work
    Craig Churchill, Cheryl Frankiewicz

    This book provides a valuable overview of the key management principles necessary to optimize the servicesof MFIs.

  • The Changing Role of Export Credit Agencies

    The Changing Role of Export Credit Agencies
    Mr. Malcolm Stephens

    Edited by Malcolm Stephens, this book provides useful background information to those whose involvement in international trade and investment brings them into contact with the services of export credit agencies.

  • Making Fiscal Decentralization Work

    Making Fiscal Decentralization Work
    Ms. Annalisa Fedelino

    This book draws on both the relevant literature and policy and technical advice provided by the IMF to a wide range of member countries, and discusses the key factors that help make decentralization sustainable, efficient, and equitable …

  • ├ bergang Basel II zu Basel III Kapitalanforderungen deutscher Banken

    ├ťbergang Basel II zu Basel III – Kapitalanforderungen deutscher Banken
    Manuel Hofstetter

    Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2011 im Fachbereich BWL – Bank, B├Ârse, Versicherung, Note: 1,0, Universit├Ąt Regensburg (Lehrstuhl f├╝r Statistik), Veranstaltung: Kreditrisikomanagement, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die 45-seitige und in …

  • Republic of Debtors

    Republic of Debtors
    Bruce H Mann

    By 1800, imprisonment for debt was under attack and insolvency was no longer seen as a moral failure, merely an economic setback. In Republic of Debtors, authorBruce H. Mann illuminates this crucial transformation in early American society.

  • Ratingagenturen Aufgaben und Kritikpunkte

    Ratingagenturen – Aufgaben und Kritikpunkte
    Dennis Witt, Maria Schulz

    1.Einleitung Rating- Verfahren externer Rating- Agenturen sind in der Finanzwelt nicht mehr hinweg zu denken; sie spielen eine immer bedeutendere Rolle f├╝r Banken, Versicherungen, Unternehmen und Investoren.

  • The Netherlands

    The Netherlands
    International Monetary Fund

    The striking turnaround in the Netherlands' economic performance over the past decade and a half has attracted widespread attention.

  • Politics and Banking

    Politics and Banking
    Susan Hoffmann

    The book concludes by examining the impact of neoliberal public philosophy on U.S. banking today.

  • Monetary Theory in Retrospect

    Monetary Theory in Retrospect
    Filippo Cesarano

    An objective and perceptive account of the literature of monetary theory, this volume, by a central banker who has studied monetary theory over the last quarter of a century, clearly shows how its inherent complexity is much enriched by the …

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