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  • Meine sichere Geldanlage

    Meine sichere Geldanlage
    Otto N. Bretzinger

    — Generated by XStandard version on 2012-07-18T14:33:19 — Worauf muss ich bei der Geldanlage achten und welche ist ├╝berhaupt die richtige f├╝r mich?

  • Bankers

    Jody D. Kimbrell

    This is Jody Kimbrell's story, and in Bankers: The Only People Who Drove Jesus to Violence, she reveals the dirty secrets of bankers who make more money if you fail.

  • The International Monetary 1972 1978

    The International Monetary 1972-1978
    International Monetary Fund

    Their unique perspective on country experiences and best practices on global macroeconomic issues are often shared in the form of books on diverse topics such as cross-country comparisons, capacity building, macroeconomic policy, financial …

  • Banks at Risk

    Banks at Risk
    Peter Hoflich

    This collection of contributions provides a thoughtful tour of the lessons from the crisis with perspectives from regulators, practitioners, and risk managers.

  • Das Geld der Anderen

    Das Geld der Anderen
    Louis D. Brandeis

    In dieser Sammlung von Essays greift Brandeis die Art und Weise an, wie die Banken mit dem Geld der anderen Leute umgegangen sind und auf welche Weise sie investieren.

  • Tackling Japan s Fiscal Challenges

    Tackling Japan’s Fiscal Challenges
    Keimeir Kaizuka, Anne O. Krueger

    This volume examines how Japan should cope with its daunting fiscal challenges.

  • Kosovo

    Mr. Robert J. Corker, Ms. Kristina Kostial, Ms. Dawn Elizabeth Rehm

    Since the end of the conflict in Kosovo-a province of Serbia in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia-in June1999, IMF staff have been providing technical assistance to help the province rebuild its economy.

  • Macroeconomic Models for Adjustment in Developing Countries

    Macroeconomic Models for Adjustment in Developing Countries
    International Monetary Fund

    This volume, edited by Mohsin S. Khan, Peter J. Montiel, and Nadeem U. Haque, examines recent IMF-developed empirical macroeconomic models dealing with adjustment and stabilization policies in developing countries.

  • La nuova attivit├ dei Confidi Profili gestionali contabili e regolamentari

    La nuova attività dei Confidi. Profili gestionali, contabili e regolamentari
    AA. VV.


  • The Social Effects of Economic Adjustment on Arab Countries

    The Social Effects of Economic Adjustment on Arab Countries
    Taher Hamdi Kanaan

    The papers presented in this volume edited by Taher H. Kanaan – the eighth in a series of seminars sponsored by the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the Arab Monetary Fund, the IMF, and the World Bank – explore the …

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