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  • Open Your Eyes

    Open Your Eyes
    Drew R. Maras

    This book is your guide to navigating the revelation, and the Rosetta Stone for deciphering this once-every-25,800-year galactic alignment cycle set to commence on December 21, 2012.

  • Of Hushed silence

    Of Hushed silence
    Jennifer Whitman

    The main reasons I wrote this first book is to encourage others of a similar fate. I hope to encourage the lost and depressed in the effort to guide them toward a bigger future without regret.

  • Toward Spiritual Sovereignty

    Toward Spiritual Sovereignty
    John W. Casperson

    These works are an attempt to advocate for the abolition of hindrance toward those ends, to advocate, without fetter, for spiritual sovereignty of every soul.Each person, Homo Divinitas (man of Divinity) should be able to experience life …

  • Abbadona

    Rita Simons

    Dana Williams felt his life was a failure but that it was not his fault.

  • True Path to Common Peopleā s Breathing Postures Relaxation and Concentration

    True Path to Common Peopleā€™s Breathing, Postures, Relaxation and Concentration

    For all our technological so-called progress, what do we see around us? A world of distressed and woes! This book has much to offer in a therapeutic way the path to a lesser degree from our anxiety and emotional disorders.

  • Haunted by the Abyss

    Haunted by the Abyss
    Sarah Soderlund

    Sarah Soderlund, also known as Paranormal Sarah, has been psychically gifted since childhood.

  • The Ghost Next Door

    The Ghost Next Door
    Mark Morris

    The Ghost Next Door takes a revealing look into the lives of average, everyday people from across the country who have had experiences in the realm of the unexplained.

  • Children of Scarface II

    Children of Scarface II
    Junior Mendez, MKT,MBA

    Still to come in the trilogy is the book titled: "The Tree of Life" with the subtitle, healing of the nation. These books narrated to contrast the godly and the ungodly secular lifestyles, with biblical doctrines and principles.

  • Real Nightmares Book 1

    Real Nightmares (Book 1)
    Brad Steiger

    Sorry, these stories are not dreams. They are unbelievable, but true tales of the supernatural, mysterious, and the downright spooky. Keep the lights on when you read "Real Nightmares: True and Truly Scary Unexplained Phenomena."

  • Haunted Carthage Missouri

    Haunted Carthage, Missouri
    Lisa Livingston-Martin

    Lisa Livingston-Martin tracks down the fiercest and most fascinating specters from Carthage's past.

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