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  • Unicorn Magic

    Unicorn Magic
    Kitty Bishop, Ph.D.

    The teachings in this book will transform your life!


    Pati Solva Hueneke

    Pati Solva Hueneke takes you on a profound, mystical healing journey with the Golden Light.

  • Ordinary Sacred

    Ordinary Sacred
    Kent Nerburn

    A chance encounter with a boy on a bicycle, a young girl’s graduation from eighth grade; these and other small moments are the subjects of this beautifully written collection.

  • A History of Pagan Europe

    A History of Pagan Europe
    Prudence Jones, Nigel Pennick

    This book not only provides the first comprehensive definition of paganism, but is also the first to shed light on well-documented events which are usually glossed over or ignored from a covert Christian perspective.

  • Enlightenment for Beginners

    Enlightenment for Beginners
    Matt Blythe

    Inside Enlightenment for Beginners, the author guides us gently and clearly through learning to cope with our feelings, mind, body and spirit, attracting a love partner, forgiveness, the psychology of personal repair, meditation, the law of …

  • NecroYoga

    W. H. Müller

    Mit NecroYoga läßt W.H. Müller eine Kosmologie des 3.

  • Foal and the Angels

    Foal and the Angels

    One of the most important lessons Foal learns is how easy it is to look within for guidance: “What I describe here is almost exactly how it happened, or at least how it was felt and registered in my mind. So is all of this true?

  • Las Siete Leyes Espirituales Del  xito

    Las Siete Leyes Espirituales Del Éxito
    Deepak Chopra

    Con base a las leyes naturales que gobiernan la creación, este libro acaba con el mito de que el éxito es resultado de trabajo pesado, planes rigurosos o de una fuerte ambición.

  • Ancient and Modern Alchemy

    Ancient and Modern Alchemy
    H. Stanley Redgrove

    The number of books in the English language dealing with the interesting subject of Alchemy is not sufficiently great to render an apology necessary for adding thereto.

  • God s Revenge

    God’s Revenge
    Evelyn Mundell

    An ancient Koine Greek manuscript is discovered that sheds fresh light on a host of long-held beliefs.

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