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  • Memowars Of A Schizophrenic

    Memowars Of A Schizophrenic
    R. van Niekerk

    I hear voices in my head, they come to me, they understand, they talk to me, they understand, they talk to me and this is what they say: “ I am the guided one.” Let me relate to you a story of a boy between the age of 5 and 8.

  • Der Lebenskraftk rper

    Der Lebenskraftkörper
    Harry Eilenstein

    Und jeder spürt es, wenn er von hinten angestarrt wird, denn dabei wird durch den Blick des anderen der eigene Lebenskraftkörper berührt. Vielleicht kennen Sie auch Abhängigkeiten?

  • Spiritual Growth for Women

    Spiritual Growth for Women
    Minister Deidre Hunt

    This book started off as a commission from God for me to start a blog, to keep me in constant prayer and in His Word.

  • Hiding the World in the World

    Hiding the World in the World
    Scott Cook

    Presents wide-ranging and up-to-date interpretations of the Zhuangzi, the Daoist classic and one of the most elusive works ever written.

  • Light Switch

    Light Switch
    Charles Mabey

    Electricity is changing the human environment as profoundly as the first human use of fire, a quantum leap separating an unprecedented present from a dark past. Time now to flip the switch and see the future in a different light.

  • Boho S Quest for God

    Boho’S Quest for God
    Frederick A. Patchen

    “This adult fairy-tale is a metaphysical fantasy attempting to raise questions for the spiritual child in each of us.”

  • CalmUp Journey

    CalmUp® Journey
    Lorie S. Gose, Psy.D.

    Today! “The CalmUp® Journey is a simple, relaxing, private way to gain clarity.” —Merri Mullennix artist and teacher “Dr. Lorie Gose has created a must-have tool for people interested in making positive changes in their daily life.

  • Erfolgreiches Stressmanagement f r Dummies

    Erfolgreiches Stressmanagement für Dummies
    Allen Elkin

    Allen Elkin gibt in "Erfolgreiches Stressmanagement für Dummies" viele Tipps, wie man Stress im Privatleben und im Beruf wirksam managt und vermindert.

  • About Peace

    About Peace
    Scott Shaw

    These are Zen meditations for modern times — cold comfort, maybe, for some of us who might want platitudes and the promise of peacefulness being handed to us on a silver platter. Because, as Shaw points out, conflict is a part of life.

  • Die Chakren

    Die Chakren
    Harry Eilenstein

    Die Chakren sind die Organe der Lebenskraft des Menschen. Da die Lebenskraft die "Substanz der Psyche" ist, finden sich in den Chakren auch die grundlegenden Strukturen der Psyche.

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