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  • Unicorn Magic

    Unicorn Magic
    Kitty Bishop, Ph.D.

    The teachings in this book will transform your life!

  • Egyptian Cosmology

    Egyptian Cosmology
    Moustafa Gadalla

    This book surveys the applicability of Egyptian concepts to our modern understanding of the nature of the universe, creation, science, and philosophy.

  • The History of Spiritualism

    The History of Spiritualism
    Arthur Conan Doyle

    Hesperides Press are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

  • Attaining the Worlds Beyond

    Attaining the Worlds Beyond
    Michael Laitman, Benzion Giertz

    This is for the simple reason that human beings cannot comprehend how such feelings can exist at all, as everyone seemingly requires an incentive to perform any act; without some personal gain, people are not prepared to extend themselves.

  • The Re Enchantment

    The Re-Enchantment
    Hank Wesselman

    Here he explores: • Challenging the cultural mythos—why a new story is arising about who we are and where we fit in to the greater whole • The role of the shaman as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds • Guides, …

  • Miraculous Moments

    Miraculous Moments
    Elissa Al-Chokhachy

    This is not a book that one reads only once, or all at once, but rather one that draws us back, time and again, for the nourishment it offers through each and every story.

  • The Way We Pray

    The Way We Pray
    Maggie Oman Shannon

    Collecting prayer practices from around the world, the author introduces readers to her favorites–fifty forms of prayer, worship, and meditation, with details about their history and roots in particular religious traditions. Original.

  • Aprender con Dios

    Aprender con Dios
    Julián padre Victoria

    Una interpretación clara de los textos bíblicos, que transforma a la Biblia en un manual de conducta para el hombre moderno.

  • Blackfoot Physics

    Blackfoot Physics
    F. David Peat

    Blackfoot Physics is the account of his discoveries.

  • Supernatural

    Graham Hancock

    In Supernatural Graham Hancock sets out to investigate this mysterious "before-and-after moment" and to discover the truth about the influences that gave birth to the modern human mind.

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