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  • Fireweaver

    May Eulitt; Stephen Hoyer

    This focus is made more poignant by the fact that May passed away shortly after this book was completed. Together, May Eulitt and Stephen Hoyer made up a writing team well qualified to tell this story.

  • An A to Z of Emotional Freedom

    An A to Z of Emotional Freedom
    Caroline Anson

    The intention of this book is to help you claim back the life of personal respect, integrity and honour you were always destined to live.

  • Spiritual Evolution

    Spiritual Evolution
    Chad Kennedy, Ph.d., Chad Kennedy Ph. D.

    Where Science Meets Spiritualism Spiritual Evolution: How Science Redefines Our Existence seeks to create a model for spiritual existence that incorporates the most profound scientific discoveries of the last 100 years.

  • Anna Kingsford Her Life Letters Diary and Work Volume 2

    Anna Kingsford: Her Life, Letters, Diary and Work, Volume 2
    Edward Maitland

    Written by her close friend and colleague, this 1896 publication details the life of physician and spiritualist Anna Kingsford.

  • Believing and Knowing

    Believing and Knowing
    Shalon Alyce

    In this story, a small mouse, with great determination and a large desire to know life, with love and without fear, accomplishes great feats by discovering that he is much more then he had thought himself to be.

  • As Aventuras De Ocean

    As Aventuras De Ocean
    Orlando Motta Barbosa

    As aventuras de Ocean" e o livro lancado pelo mesmo autor de "Provocatrix – Que a Vida sorria para voce.

  • It s a Miracle 2

    It’s a Miracle 2

    Share the healing, share the wonder of these amazing, joy-filled stories that will warm your heart and strengthen your spirit. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • Activating the Light in the Lord s Prayer

    Activating the Light in the Lord’s Prayer
    Margareth Lee

    Your guide to the priceless pearl, the life of God-realization and knowledge of divine Truth.

  • Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga

    Series of Lessons in Raja Yoga
    Yogi Ramacharaka

    Followers of the early-20th-century "New Age" philosophy of New Thought believed they could learn the secrets of mind over matter, and one of their most influential teachers-enormously popular writer and editor William Walker Atkinson, …

  • The O of Home

    The O of Home
    Jennifer Kavanagh

    What does the word home mean to you? From a wide range of answers and her own experience, Jennifer Kavanagh explores our outer and inner identities. Home is not just four walls or the country we were born in.

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