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  • Shore Lines

    Shore Lines
    Mari Messer

    In the tradition of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift From the Sea, this inspirational book presents the sea as a guide to life and encourages readers to discover the power of a retreat by the sea, or a fountain the park, or even a puddle.

  • God s Little Aphorisms

    God’s Little Aphorisms
    Beth Green

    An intuitive counselor and spiritual teacher since 1980, Beth hears from "God", the inner voice that's smarter than she is. In this little volume, she shares fifty-two zingers that she's received from "the source".


    Michael Dean Payne

    The essence of, Blissful Lantern, offers you a pure light of bliss, to guide you on the path of awakening and enlightenment, through, Silent Awareness Meditation.

  • Passionista

    Rachel Ann Alcaraz-Na

    She is passionate about realizing her dreams not only for herself, but also for family and friends worldwide. She shares her dreams in the form of her artwork and inspirations, along with her ten-year-old daughter, in this first book.

  • Butterfly Matrix

    Butterfly Matrix
    Angela Gerber

    Butterfly Matrix will not only help you lay out your day, it will help you make your day positive, help you know your goals, help you bring yourself back to a positive center, and so much more.

  • The Healing Handbook

    The Healing Handbook
    Jodi Levy

    A sensible, hands-on guide to personal healing explains how to re-energize the body and mind with the help of massage, meditation, and other effective holistic remedies that promote total wellness. Original.

  • The Attainment of Superior Physical Abilities

    The Attainment of Superior Physical Abilities
    Noel Huntley, Ph.D.

    This is the sensation of information within nature's computer system. (The neurophysiologist will tell you it is the physiological kinaesthetic sense around the muscles and joints, but in fact the latter accounts for only a tiny fraction of …

  • Diary of a Holy Fool

    Diary of a Holy Fool
    Vincent Parmentola

    This is a journey of wonder and surprises consisting of peaks, valleys, and the occasional plateau, when nothing seems to be happening, at least to the conscious mind.

  • The O of Home

    The O of Home
    Jennifer Kavanagh

    What does the word home mean to you? From a wide range of answers and her own experience, Jennifer Kavanagh explores our outer and inner identities. Home is not just four walls or the country we were born in.

  • Est√ s aqu√

    Estás aquí
    Thich Nhat Hanh

    Thich Nhat Hanh muestra, en este libro, que la atenci√≥n plena y la intuici√≥n pueden despertarnos del estado de letargo, curar nuestras heridas emocionales, mejorar la relaci√≥n que mantenemos con los dem√°s, conectarnos amorosamente con …

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