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  • Walkers Between the Worlds

    Walkers Between the Worlds
    Caitlín Matthews, John Matthews

    In Walkers Between the Worlds, Caitlin and John Matthews reveal the development of these complementary traditions in Western culture.

  • Wiccan Warrior

    Wiccan Warrior
    Kerr Cuhulain

    Maiden, Mother, Crone, Warrior? Written by a Wiccan police officer, this book shows Pagans how to access the often-overlooked Warrior archetype.

  • The Un Spell Book

    The Un-Spell Book
    Mya Om

    Why would a Witch who practices magick write something called The Un-Spell Book?

  • Everyday Magic

    Everyday Magic
    Dorothy Morrison

    There's an easy way to incorporate magic into your life without adding more stress to it. Everyday Magic updates the ancient arts to fit your busy lifestyle.

  • Ancient and Modern Alchemy

    Ancient and Modern Alchemy
    H. Stanley Redgrove

    The number of books in the English language dealing with the interesting subject of Alchemy is not sufficiently great to render an apology necessary for adding thereto.

  • The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy

    The Mystery and Romance of Alchemy and Pharmacy
    Charles John Samuel Thompson

    It has been my endeavour in the following pages to sketch, however imperfectly, some phases of the romance and mystery that have surrounded the arts of medicine, alchemy, and pharmacy from the earliest period of which we have record down to …

  • 生死學概論

    本書是國內第一本有關生死學概論的教科書,由南華大學生死學研究所一群研究生死學相關論題的學者專家共同合作編寫而成。 …

  • Magic and Divination in the Ancient World

    Magic and Divination in the Ancient World
    Leda Jean Ciraolo, Jonathan Lee Seidel

    This collection of essays focuses on divination across the Ancient World from early Mesopotamia to late antiquity. The authors deal with the forms, theory and poetics of this important and still poorly understood ancient phenomenon.

  • Runes

    Sirona Knight

    Generally associated with the ancient Northern Europeans, runes are magical symbols that convey the story of creation, life, destruction, and rebirth, and how these forces constantly affect our many levels of being.

  • Mother Leakey and the Bishop

    Mother Leakey and the Bishop
    Peter Marshall

    It is also the story of a shocking seventeenth-century Church scandal which cast its shadow over religion and politics in Britain and Ireland for the best part of three centuries, drawing in a host of well known and not-so-well-known …

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