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  • The Law of Success

    The Law of Success
    Napoleon Hill

    Here is the Holy Grail of success philosophy: Napoleon Hill's complete and original formula to achievement presented in fifteen remarkable principles–now newly designed in a handsome single-volume edition.

  • Going Out in Style

    Going Out in Style
    Marcia Beachy, M.S., L.P.C.

    You may be cynical, frightened, sure or unsure about life and what happens afterward, but in Going Out in Style, you are warmly invited to join the discussion on conscious living and dying.

  • The Art of Uncertainty

    The Art of Uncertainty
    Dennis Merritt Jones

    The Art of Uncertainty is an invitation to the reader to consider its essential message: learning to love the unknown by staying present in the moment.

  • The Book of Not Knowing

    The Book of Not Knowing
    Peter Ralston

    The Book of Not Knowing points out the ways people get stuck in their lives and offers readers a way to make fresh choices about every aspect of their lives, from a place of awareness instead of autopilot. From the Trade Paperback edition.

  • A Beautiful Mind Wasted

    A Beautiful Mind Wasted
    Britton Skyler

    This book embodies the thought process of the latest generation known to man, GENERATION X. Although the story is told through a very hip-hop like swagger the intelligence and philosophies of Hawkins propels him into visionary status.

  • A Conspiracy to Love

    A Conspiracy to Love
    River Smith

    In this revised edition of his inspirational self-help book with a social conscience, Dr. Smith, a psychologist and social justice educator, opens the way for readers to transform not just ourselves, but our families, our communities, and …

  • The Dragon s Treasure

    The Dragon’s Treasure
    R.J. Cole

    The journey begins with the story of the Aborigine dreaming into being and continues with references to Native American, Asian, Christian, and Celtic cosmology as a means of uncovering the genesis of one’s own creation story.

  • Wanting to Be Born

    Wanting to Be Born
    Neroli Duffy, Elizabeth Clare Prophet

    The fate of the unborn child is one of the most controversial issues of our time. This book takes a new look at the issue, from the perspective of the soul–the soul of the parent and the soul of the child.

  • Beyond Techniques The 2012 Shift

    Beyond Techniques: The 2012 Shift
    Lisa Gutowski

    Beyond Techniques–the 2012 Shift is the perfect resource for those who are excited about the changes, who are actively seeking ways to connect to this inevitable yet brilliant time.

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul

    Chicken Soup for the Soul
    Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen

    Whether you're discovering Chicken Soup for the first time or are a long time fan, this volume will inspire you to be a better person, reach for your highest potential, share your love and embrace the world around you.

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