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  • The Way Of Harmony

    The Way Of Harmony
    Henry Weinstein

    The Way Of Harmony is a creative tool for balance, well-being, and intuitive decision making.

  • I Ching

    I Ching

    Beautifully produced in traditional Chinese binding and with a timeless design, this book will allow anyone fascinated by the traditional philosophies of the East to follow in the footsteps of Confucius and use the I Ching to predict their …

  • The Wisdom of Taoism

    The Wisdom of Taoism
    Frederic Henry Balfour

    TAO is the "x" or unknown quantity that we have to find.

  • Soul Mind Body Science System

    Soul Mind Body Science System
    Zhi Gang Sha

    Written for armchair and professional scientists alike, this book makes a significant contribution to the ongoing debate about the true nature of reality.

  • Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days

    Foretell the Future with the I Ching and My Calendar of Days
    James C. Byrd

    With this book you will learn within a short time about the origin of the I Ching, as well as gain some insight into how it came to influence me to create a perpetual calendar.

  • I Ching Companion

    I Ching Companion
    Jill Richards

    The I Ching answers questions, and in so doing, peace of mind- our life's quest- is attained. This guide can help facilitate that quest.

  • Yijing Shamanic Oracle of China

    Yijing, Shamanic Oracle of China
    Richard Bertschinger

    For the Chinese, the destiny of each individual and the cosmos have always been inextricably linked, and for two thousand years the Yijing, or the Book of Change, has exercised the best minds in the Orient.

  • The I Ching Workbook

    The I Ching Workbook
    Wu Wei

    The I Ching Workbook contains everything you need to know about the I Ching–one of the world's most profound sources of universal wisdom–and how to use it.

  • La Natura della Realt√ e l Uomo nell Universo

    La Natura della Realt√† e l’Uomo nell’Universo
    Ambra Guerrucci

    Il presente saggio è il primo di una Collana unica nel suo genere, strutturata per condurre il lettore dentro di sé, in un viaggio attraverso le proprie energie.

  • Medita√ √ o Tao√ sta

    Meditação Taoísta
    Wu Jyh Cherng

    Meditação Taoísta é uma obra apresentada em duas partes.

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