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  • Astrologia e Guia do Amor

    Astrologia e Guia do Amor

    ASTROLOGIA E GUIA DO AMOR 2012 é a prova da minha fé nesse tempo, a minha crença nesse futuro!

  • Chung Yao Ch ien Shuo

    Chung Yao Chʻien Shuo
    Richard Hyatt

    "Expert practitioner Lesley Tierra shows how certain tonic herbs have been used by the Chinese for over 4,000 years to increase vitality and strengthen the body's natural functions, often relieving so-called incurable conditions.

  • A Collection of Chaos

    A Collection of Chaos
    Christine Chaos

    She has seen and spoken with too many souls to count, but recollects here those that were so memorable; they seem the work of fiction. However, they are as real as the soul that inhabits your own being.

  • L a L l a m a Part 1

    L a L l a m a, Part 1
    M. Avelina Littlejohn

    “La L l a m a d a” contiene material de aspecto social, psicológico, humanidades y religión que puede ayudar a entender la mente humana y los patrones de comportamientos son acarreadas por vidas y traen una herencia cósmica.

  • Dimensions in Consciousness

    Dimensions in Consciousness
    Christopher Alan Anderson

    The purpose of Dimensions in Consciousness is to come to know and experience the furthest reaches of our consciousness–that of an absolute.

  • Your Gay Friend s Guide To Understanding Men

    Your Gay Friend’s Guide To Understanding Men
    Bo Sebastian

    What kind of emotional baggage is likely to send a man packing? Is your heartthrob a deadbeat? Where are the best places to search for the man of your dreams? Explore all these questions and more with renowned Life Coach, Bo Sebastian.

  • L arte della finta ipnosi

    L’arte della finta ipnosi
    Alessandro Delvecchio

    Un sedicente ipnotista appare su un palco televisivo, in una piazza o in un teatro, guarda negli occhi le persone ordinando loro di dormire e queste cadono in un sonno bizzarro durante il quale qualsiasi cosa l’ipnotista gli dice diventa …

  • i Achieving Inner Peace i

    Achieving Inner Peace
    Sohan Singh

    The book should become a Social Policy document for the Home Office. At a time when youth violence is increasing, this book offers values by which to live."-Rev. Diana Macnaughton.

  • The Archetypal Mind

    The Archetypal Mind
    Emperor Immanuel Ortegeaux, Zen Applied Science

    This is a work with only one proposition: All things are awareness (or mind) and this awareness finds itself through seven steps of attachment that can be deciphered and analyzed in various ways towards the unifying concept of choice (or …

  • Do You Ask My Kinds of Questions Too

    Do You Ask My Kinds of Questions Too
    Khenzy Zheufanell

    What really did happen?This book deals with the reality of sustained inquiry and how persons of contrasting backgrounds, representing subjective and objective outlooks, see and interpret existence and its foundations.

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