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  • Egyptian Cosmology

    Egyptian Cosmology
    Moustafa Gadalla

    This book surveys the applicability of Egyptian concepts to our modern understanding of the nature of the universe, creation, science, and philosophy.

  • Healing States

    Healing States
    Alberto Villoldo, Stanley Krippner

    A colorful and compelling examination of evidence for the mind's ability to heal, taking a step into the fascinating world of psychic healing and shamanism. 80 black-and-white photographs.

  • San Juan de la Cruz

    San Juan de la Cruz
    Saint John of the Cross, Antonio T. de Nicolas

    This is a new introduction and translation of St. John's poetry (presented in both Spanish and English) and prose commentaries that includes his biography, providing an integrated vision that resurrects the power of his poetic voice.

  • Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing

    Golden Keys to Ascension and Healing
    Joshua David Stone

    This volume represents the wisdom of the ascended masters condensed into concise keys that serve as a spiritual guide.

  • Sacred Visitations

    Sacred Visitations
    Ceci Miller

    Interspersed throughout these affectingly written stories are contemplative tips about hwo to "Outsmart Your Mind" using 5 Steps to Sacred Awareness-easy steps readers of any tradition can use to unravel inner experiences and sacred …

  • Coloring Mandalas

    Coloring Mandalas
    Susanne F. Fincher

    This coloring book of traditional circular designs is for adults to use for meditation, healing, or creative fun, with 48 designs plus color art.

  • Rewiring the Brain

    Rewiring the Brain
    Rajnish Roy

    Also our reasoning power is not able to rein in the unyielding force of negative emotions that fuel stress and depression. Hence, this book pursues a new approach.

  • Beyond Techniques The 2012 Shift

    Beyond Techniques: The 2012 Shift
    Lisa Gutowski

    Beyond Techniques–the 2012 Shift is the perfect resource for those who are excited about the changes, who are actively seeking ways to connect to this inevitable yet brilliant time.

  • Experiencing the Next World Now

    Experiencing the Next World Now
    Michael Grosso

    A philosopher and author of The Millennium Myth presents a compelling argument for the existence of an afterlife, explaining how such features as creativity are actually bridges to another plane and how to communicate with loved ones in the …

  • The Art of Intuition

    The Art of Intuition
    Sophy Burnham

    In this fascinating book, Burnham tells the stories of individuals who have "seen without seeing" to illustrate the workings of what she calls our "intuitive hearts.

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