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  • Outrageous Openness

    Outrageous Openness
    Tosha Silver, Christianne Northrup

    This delightful book, filled with wisdom and fresh perspectives, helps create a relaxed, trusting openness in the reader to discover answers to life’s big questions as they spontaneously arise.

  • Stones of the Seven Rays

    Stones of the Seven Rays
    Michel Coquet

    Laying out the key principles behind this spiritual science, Michel Coquet explores the seven sacred gemstones of the Seven Rays–diamond, sapphire, emerald, jasper, topaz, ruby, and amethyst–and shows that not all precious stones have …

  • Magic and Divination in the Ancient World

    Magic and Divination in the Ancient World
    Leda Jean Ciraolo, Jonathan Lee Seidel

    This collection of essays focuses on divination across the Ancient World from early Mesopotamia to late antiquity. The authors deal with the forms, theory and poetics of this important and still poorly understood ancient phenomenon.

  • Runes

    Sirona Knight

    Generally associated with the ancient Northern Europeans, runes are magical symbols that convey the story of creation, life, destruction, and rebirth, and how these forces constantly affect our many levels of being.

  • The True Nature of Tarot

    The True Nature of Tarot
    Diane Wing

    Wing provides readers with insight into the world of tarot in easy to understand terms. After reading this book you will have a desire to practice the tarot! Thank you Diane.

  • Diane Stein s Guide to Goddess Craft

    Diane Stein’s Guide to Goddess Craft
    Diane Stein

    Originally published as The Women's Spirituality Book, this guide describes the beliefs and practices of the Goddess craft as it relates to the daily lives of women.

  • All about Devils

    All about Devils
    Moses Hull

    An Inquiry as to Whether Modern Spiritualism and other great reforms come from his Satanic Majesty and His Subordinates in the Kingdom of Darkness.

  • The Secret Tarot

    The Secret Tarot
    Jane Lyle, Helen Jones

    In The Secret Tarot, Jane Lyle and Helen Jones have woven together images inspired by the traditional tarot to create an enchanting deck that allows you to draw on your own intuition when you read the cards.

  • El libro de las Runas Kit

    El libro de las Runas [Kit]
    Ralph Blum

    En sus manos tiene algo muy especial: el antiguo Oráculo Vikingo de las Runas.

  • Get Your Head Out of Your App

    Get Your Head Out of Your App
    Deborah Graham

    As a psychic, Deborah Graham is able to read people's auras.

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