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  • Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps

    Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamps
    Clémence Lefèvre

    This book offers in-depth instructions on where to place these lamps in the home for maximum effectiveness, how to choose the optimal color lamp based on its color’s therapeutic benefits, and how to use them to enhance meditation, …

  • The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans

    The Seven Secrets of Crystal Talismans
    Henry M. Mason

    From selecting and preparing the proper mineral to empowering your talisman, this guide takes you through every step of creating and using talismans and amulets for optimum effect.

  • The Mystical Crystal

    The Mystical Crystal
    Geoffrey Keyte

    With none of the obscurity which so often accompanies works on crystal healing, this book will be of immediate interest and benefit to New Age discoverers and all concerned with a balanced natural therapy for a healthy self.

  • Moon Spell Magic

    Moon Spell Magic
    Cerridwen Greenleaf

    What You’ll Learn Inside This Book: Features over 100 recipes for spells ranging from the everyday to special occasions and high holidays Something for every reader, from beginner level to advance students of the craft Contains many …

  • Fractologia

    Catherine Wilkins

    Baseado na visão do mundo que se utilizas dos novos conceitos científicos, este manual lhe ensina como:- aumentar a vitalidade pessoal controlando o fluxo energético- curar-se energeticamente- aumentar sua força e presença por meio de …

  • The Encyclopedia of Crystals Herbs and New Age Elements

    The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs, and New Age Elements
    Adams Media

    Complete with beautiful, full-color photographs, this book teaches you everything you ever wanted to know about crystals, herbs, and other popular New Age elements.

  • Cristalloterapia pratica nei riflessi dei cristalli saggezza antica equilibrio e armonia benessere psico fisico ed energia per una maggiore consapevolezza

    Cristalloterapia pratica nei riflessi dei cristalli… saggezza antica, equilibrio e armonia, benessere psico-fisico ed energia… per una maggiore consapevolezza
    Tiziana Angelino

  • Crystal Grids

    Crystal Grids
    Henry M. Mason, Brittani Petrofsky

    This book also includes twenty-nine expertly designed grids that you can use immediately to reinforce and magnify the power of your crystals.

  • Edgar Cayce Guide to Gemstones Minerals Metals and More

    Edgar Cayce Guide to Gemstones, Minerals, Metals, and More
    Shelley Kaehr

    Includes an intuitive self-discovery process to finding out which of these powerful minerals works best for you.

  • Crystals for Positive Manifestation

    Crystals for Positive Manifestation
    Sarah Bartlett

    Crystals for Positive Manifestation is the only book to specifically address the manifestation power of crystals while also detailing their attributes, powers, and divination strengths.

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