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  • An Angel Set Me Free And other incredible true stories of the afterlife

    An Angel Set Me Free: And other incredible true stories of the afterlife
    Dorothy Chitty

    Inspiring and powerful true stories of communication with beings from the Afterlife from one of the country's most successful and sought after psychics.

  • Angels of Atlantis

    Angels of Atlantis
    Stewart Pearce

    Inspired by the 12 archangels of Atlantis, these cards represent loving, wise guides and provide powerful counsel and healing.

  • Angel Magic

    Angel Magic
    Cassandra Eason

    This uplifting guide features a directory of 250 angels and reveals the many ways in which angels support and assist us.

  • Cielo e Inferno

    Cielo e Inferno
    Emanuel Swedenborg

    Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), scienziato che visse alla corte svedese nel XVIII secolo, raccoglie in questo volume tutte le descrizioni del Cielo e dell'Inferno in base a ciò che vide e udì durante insolite esperienze di veggenza che …

  • Foal and the Angels

    Foal and the Angels

    One of the most important lessons Foal learns is how easy it is to look within for guidance: “What I describe here is almost exactly how it happened, or at least how it was felt and registered in my mind. So is all of this true?

  • Prophetic Teachings on Death Angels and Heavenly Manifestations

    Prophetic Teachings on Death, Angels, and Heavenly Manifestations
    Bruce Dana

    Learn from the prophets and increase your testimony of your own eternal destiny as you read this must-have book.

  • Outrageous Openness

    Outrageous Openness
    Tosha Silver, Christianne Northrup

    This delightful book, filled with wisdom and fresh perspectives, helps create a relaxed, trusting openness in the reader to discover answers to life’s big questions as they spontaneously arise.

  • Journal to the Center of the Soul

    Journal to the Center of the Soul
    Laurie Knight

    With simple concepts, it narrates the story of one soul's journey through journaling and of befriending the spectacular spirit guide of Death.

  • Il libro degli spiriti

    Il libro degli spiriti
    Allan Kardec

    In quest'opera unica, Allan Kardec, il fondatore dello spiritismo, ha raccolto e coordinato la dottrina spiritica, quale a lui e altri medium fu dettata dagli stessi spiriti.

  • Marama

    Regiena Stein

    Every soul that decides wants to perform a specific task that lies in its ability range, to the people and Mother Earth, and ultimately the light to come closer. This is our source from each, whether human, animal or plant is created.

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