Yale Law Journal: Volume 125, Number 5 – March 2016

Yale Law Journal: Volume 125, Number 5 - March 2016

Number of page: 405
Author: Yale Law Journal
Publisher: Quid Pro Books
Category: Law

This issue of the Yale Law Journal (the fifth issue of academic year 2015-2016) features articles and essays by notable scholars, as well as extensive student research. The contents include:  "Governance Reform and the Judicial Role in Municipal Bankruptcy," by Clayton P. Gillette & David A. Skeel, Jr. "Professional Speech," by Claudia E. Haupt "Casey and the Clinic Closings: When 'Protecting Health' Obstructs Choice," by Linda Greenhouse & Reva B. Siegel "Returning to Common-Law Principles of Insider Trading After United States v. Newman," by Richard A. Epstein   The student contributions are:Note, "Will Putting Cameras on Police Reduce Polarization ," by Roseanna Sommers Note, "Federal Questions and the Domestic-Relations Exception," by Bradley G. Silverman Comment, "Toward an Efficient Licensing and Rate-Setting Regime: Reconstructing § 114(i) of the Copyright Act," by Joseph Pomianowski Quality digital editions include active Contents for the issue and for individual articles, linked footnotes, active URLs in notes, and proper digital and Bluebook presentation from the original edition.