BeagleBone Robotic Projects

BeagleBone Robotic Projects

Number of page: 244
Author: Richard Grimmett
Publisher: Packt Publishing Ltd
Category: Computers

Develop practical example projects with detailed explanations; combine the projects in a vast number of ways to create different robot designs, or work through them in sequence to discover the full capability of the BeagleBone Black. This book is for anyone who is curious about using new, low-cost hardware to create robotic projects that have previously been the domain of research labs, major universities or Defence departments. Some programming experience would be useful, but if you know how to use a personal computer, you can use this book to construct far more complex systems than you would have thought possible.

About The Author

Richard Grimmett has always been fascinated by computers and electronics from his very first programming project that used Fortran on punch cards. He has a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Leadership Studies. He also hasyears of experience in the Radar and Telecommunications industries, and even has one of the original brick phones. He now teaches Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Brigham Young University – Idaho where his office is filled with many of his robotics projects.


  •  Windesson Almeida Windesson Almeida
    Windesson Almeida This is a really great book. I am working on my senior project and the information in this book has saved me a lots of search time. 100% recommend to anyone. Thank you