Home Automation

Home Automation

Number of page: 95
Author: Lisa Montgomery, Editor, Electronic House Magazine
Publisher: EH Publishing, Inc.
Category: Computers

Smart home, automated home, connected home or intelligent home. Whatever you call it, a home that’s able to take the drudgery out of common, everyday tasks is something that every family can appreciate. In this inaugural book about home automation you’ll learn how to incorporate the right types of products and systems into your house to achieve a new level of comfort, convenience, safety and efficiency. The book walks you step-by-step through the process of automating your home, and because automation systems are able to control just about anything electronic you can imagine, we’ve provided plenty of practical ideas. In 10 Key Features of a Home Automation System and Automation Ideas for Every System of Your House you’ll gather more than enough recommendations to get started in your automation endeavor.No matter how many great ideas you gather from our Home Automation book, though, it’s important that the system you buy today incorporates the most recent iterations of control technologies. We’ve followed the automation trends, put them into perspective, and offer advice on the critical new updates, upgrades and upstarts you’ll want to look into when selecting a system. In addition to deciding what you want your automation system to do, you’ll want to determine whether you’d like to install the system yourself or hire a professional to handle the task. Both methods offer their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages, so be sure to read DIY or Professionally Installed
before making your decision. You’ll also want to check out our comprehensive directory of home automation manufacturers before taking the plunge. Finally, we finish the book with a series of finished automation installations, which range from a basic starter package in a condo to a full-blown, bells-and-whistles system for a bigger house. You’ll see what types of features that owners of these homes chose to incorporate and hear how automation is truly making a difference in their lives. The technology has been so carefully designed and meticulously installed, that you may not even notice it in the full-color photography of many of the rooms where lights, motorized window shades and A/V equipment have been automated to dim, brighten, turn on and off, open and close and adjust and reset, based on the time of day, occupancy or the single touch of a button.

About The Author

Lisa Montgomery has been a member of the Electronic House editorial team for nearly 20 years, most of that time as the Editor. With a knack for explaining complex high-tech topics in simple terms, her writing resonates with people who are interested in adding electronic systems to their homes but might be unsure of the steps involved and the solutions available. From basic lighting control systems to full-blown automation systems, Lisa understands the home electronics market well, and is able to point consumers in the right direction on their quest for a smarter, more convenient, efficient and enjoyable home.
Over the years, she has developed close relationships with key manufacturers and seasoned custom electronics professionals, giving her a keen sense of which home technologies are hot right now and what’s on the horizon. She shares this wisdom regularly through feature stories, product roundups, case studies, technology spotlights and comprehensive guides and books, which can be found on the Electronic House website http://www.electronichouse.com


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