Brian Dickson

Brian Dickson

Number of page: 576
Author: Robert J. Sharpe, Kent Roach, Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Category: Biography & Autobiography

When Brian Dickson was appointed in 1973, the Supreme Court of Canada was preoccupied with run-of-the-mill disputes. By the time he retired as Chief Justice of Canada in 1990, the Court had become a major national institution, very much in the public eye. The Court’s decisions, reforming large areas of private and public law under the Charter of Rights, were the subject of intense public interest and concern. Brian Dickson played a leading role in this transformation. Engaging and incisive, Brian Dickson: A Judge’s Journey traces Dickson’s life from a Depression-era boyhood in Saskatchewan, to the battlefields of Normandy, the boardrooms of corporate Canada and high judicial office, and provides an inside look at the work of the Supreme Court during its most crucial period. Dickson’s journey was an important part of the evolution of the Canadian judiciary and of Canada itself. Sharpe and Roach have written an accessible biography of one of Canada’s greatest legal figures that provides new insights into the work of Canada’s highest court.

About The Author

Robert J. Sharpe is a judge with the Ontario Court of Appeal. Kent Roach is Professor of Law at the University of Toronto.


  •  Meggo Meggo
    LibraryThing Review One of the better justices of the Supreme Court of Canada in recent years, Dickson wrote many of the seminal judgments relating to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. A very well written