Being White

Being White

Number of page: 194
Author: Paula Harris, Doug Schaupp
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Category: Religion

What does it mean to be white
When you encounter people from other races or ethnicities, you may become suddenly aware that being white means something. Those from other backgrounds may respond to you differently or suspiciously. You may feel ambivalence about your identity as a white person. Or you may feel frustrated when a friend of another ethnicity shakes his head and says,

About The Author

Paula A. Harris is currently serving as the priest at Episcopal Church of the Resurrection in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. She also speaks and writes on missiology, missionary recruitment, postmodernism and racial issues. She is the author of "Listening to Mission that Rises from Community and Spirituality" in Global Missiology for the 21st Century and is a contributor to the book Postmission.

Doug Schaupp is associate director of evangelism for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. A writer and teacher, he focuses on racial issues, postmodern evangelism, and leadership development. He is based in Los Angeles and graduated from Fuller Seminary. He is the coauthor of I Once Was Lost and Being White.


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