Lender Liability – Fifth Edition

Lender Liability - Fifth Edition

Number of page: 944
Author: A. Barry Cappello
Publisher: Juris Publishing, Inc.
Category: Law

Lender Liability – Fifth Edition is nthe leading one-volume work on the subject. This area of the law has ngrown and matured significantly over the years and is now recognized as a n distinct body of law that is the basis of thousands of lawsuits filed nover the last decade. Written for both lenders’ and borrowers’ nattorneys, Lender Liability discusses the basics and more advanced nissues relating to lender liability. Topics include 1) an extended analysis of where and how lender liability problems arise, 2) common law and statutory theories of liability, 3) bankruptcy concerns and 4) lawsuits n against failing or failed financial institutions. A sample complaint, nrequest for production of documents, interrogatories and jury ninstructions are included on CD for easy use. The work also includes as nwell tables of state and federal cases and statutes, rules and nregulations .n  nThis brand new edition has been completely revised, reorganized and n updated. It conforms now to the evolution and maturity of Lender nLiability as an accepted, cited and well litigated area of commercial nand consumer litigation.  "Lender Liability" as a body of law has nevolved from traditional contract and tort theories, to include causes nof action based in the Uniform Commercial Code; including the covenant nof good faith and fair dealing .n  nThis handy reference work is ideal for either the experienced npractitioner or the neophyte involved in representing an institution or nclient whose interests involve bank liability.