New England Law Review: Volume 50, Number 3 – Spring 2016

New England Law Review: Volume 50, Number 3 - Spring 2016

Number of page: 120
Author: New England Law Review
Publisher: Quid Pro Books
Category: Law

The New England Law Review's third issue of Volume 50 (Spr. 2016) features a thoughtful Symposium on the legacy, scholarship, and impact of the late Mary Joe Frug. Contributors to the Symposium are Dean Martha Minow of Harvard Law School, Professors Gerald Frug and Joseph William Singer of Harvard Law, Prof. Laura Underkuffler of Cornell Law, and Dean Laura Rosenbury of the University of Florida School of Law. Subjects include feminist legal theory and scholarship, anti-paternalism, and "subversive property." In addition, Issue Number 3 includes these substantial student contributions: Note, "Who Watches the Watchers " by Justin Amos (on oversight of prosecutors); and "Why is Your Grass Greener than Mine
The Need for Legal Reform to Combat Gender Discrimination in Professional Sports," by Tanya Dennis.Quality digital formatting includes linked notes, active table of contents, active URLs in notes, and proper Bluebook citations. The New England Law Review offers its issues in convenient digital formats for e-reader devices, apps, pads, and smartphones. Earlier issues supplied in this digital format are also available, including several from Volumes 48 and 49 as well as Volume 50.