Severity Omega – The IT project crisis management handbook

Severity Omega - The IT project crisis management handbook

Number of page: 150
Author: Christian Schade
Publisher: New Media Crew
Category: Business & Economics

IT projects meet some kind of crisis during their existence, and way
too many of them end in disaster. Severity Omega is a short but highly
focused book that helps the project manager with a set of strategic,
organizational, technical and process focused tools based on the authors
experience as a seasoned IT project manager, who has seen his part of
disasters. It helps you define what actually constitutes a disaster and
gets you started with project communication, stakeholder management and
running a team in the eye of the storm. Learn how to: Find the weak foundations of a project in order to rebuild themRecognize the signs of impending IT project disastersIdentify patterns in your organization that frequently leads to project crisisEstablish a mandate as the manager responsible for fixing the crisisEnsure timely and targeted project communicationWind down and return from emergency powers to normalityChoose and adapt project management methodsUse digital cloud-based process tools to support project crisis management