Dictionary of Pagan Religions

Dictionary of Pagan Religions

Number of page: 896
Author: Harry E Wedeck, Wade Baskin
Publisher: Open Road Media
Category: Social Science

Assembled here for the first time in one volume are the essential facts about the cults, rites and rituals associated with polytheistic religions that have existed from the Stone Age to the present. The aim of the book is to create and preserve a partial record of the pagan religions or cults that have flourished since the dawn of mankind and of their impact and influence throughout the world. This record includes many of the forgotten religions and their ideologies, practices, and mythologies.

About The Author

Harry E. Wedeck was a linguistic scholar of the classics, an observer of spheres beyond the norm, and a practicing witch. A native of Sheffield, England, Mr. Wedeck was chairman of the department of classical languages at Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn from 1935 to 1950 and then taught the classics at Brooklyn College until 1968. Afterward he lectured on medieval studies at the New School for Social Research, until 1974. Some of his excursions into the unusual remain available in reprint editions. They include Dictionary of Astrology, A Dictionary of Aphrodisiacs, A Treasury of Witchcraft and Triumph of Satan.

Dr. Wade Baskin served as Chairman of the Department of Modern and Classical Language at Southeastern State College and completed his advanced studies at Columbia University.